Simply Cinderella

Candlewick’s Child Xplor Drama present a fun and whimsical version of the classic tale.

Overworked and under-appreciated Cinderella knows naught but to swing her broom at the Fairy Godmother, thinking she’s a giant moth.  Meanwhile, Queen Hobnail wants Prince Shubert to choose a suitable princess, but he would rather play video games than dance with a girl.  The beleaguered Fairy Godmother manages to bring the two together, at least until midnight, while Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters wait for the other shoe to drop.  This upbeat, slap-happy fractured fairy tale promises to delight.

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Live Performance Return

We want to thank everyone for your patience and support over the last few months and as we look to return to live performances in the next months. We thank everyone for their part in reducing the stress of the Covid situation by taking a few precautions and helping us to be responsible.

Once we begin again, we ask everyone to consider the following protocols to help us give the opportunity for live theatre as we transition into the future:

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