Candlewick Christmas Dinner Theatre

Logan’s Heroes

“Logan’s Heroes” is a parody of that well-loved 1960’s show of a similar title.  Set in southern Manitoba, Logan and his creative team are being held by the enemy cabinet competitor (you can only imagine who) and kept in a plant somewhere in the RM of Stanley (Stanley 13) under the supervision of Winkler’s Finest Cabinet man, Colonel Kronk and his able-bodied Sargent Schultz who “sees nothing”.  When Major Hochhhhhhhhh-felder arrives with his overly capable secretary to announce the arrival of their latest secret weapon in the war on “cabinet sales”… it takes Logan’s team of eccentric men (and ladies) to pull off yet another scheme of sabotage and shrewd antics.  

With the look and feel of that television classic and the sheer stupidity and creativity of Candlewick’s Theatre Troupe, the evening is meant to be a night of laughs and frivolity as we poke some light-hearted fun at ourselves.  With the actors and interaction with the audience – we aim for a fun and delightful evening – but there are always unknown elements which can surface giving each evening the opportunity for the unexpected and funny.

  • Friday, December 9 — Private Booking
  • Saturday, December 10 — Private Booking
  • Sunday, December 11 — Private Booking

  • NEW Tuesday, December 13, 6:30 PM– Access Event Centre, Morden – open to public

  • Saturday, December 17, 6 PM — Manitou Opera House – open to public
  • Sunday, December 18, 6 PM — Manitou Opera House – open to public
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Live Performance Return

We want to thank everyone for your patience and support over the last number of months and are encouraged to return to live performances. We thank everyone for your part in reducing the stress of the Covid situation and helping us to be responsible.

As we begin again, we ask everyone to consider the following protocols to help us give the opportunity for live theatre:

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