Live Performance Return

We want to thank everyone for your patience and support over the last few months and as we look to return to live performances in the next months. We thank everyone for their part in reducing the stress of the Covid situation by taking a few precautions and helping us to be responsible.

Once we begin again, we ask everyone to consider the following protocols to help us give the opportunity for live theatre as we transition into the future:

Recognizing that the health of our audience and actors is paramount, we are taking a number of measures to help keep performances safe and fun:

  • Increased sanitization at all theatres where we perform (using environmentally friendly and yet effective sanitizers as well as fogging after each performance)
  • Providing Hand Sanitizer at entry points
  • Advance Ticket Sales Only (all sales will need to be done in advance and will vary pending on the venue and performance)
  • Reduced Paper (for our performances we will not have physical tickets nor programs to reduce potential of physical contact)
  • Limited Seating (reducing the number of audience to match regulatory guidelines)
  • Cohort Seating (arranging ticket holders into small groupings physically distanced from other groups)
  • Restricted Access to actors, backstage, and stage areas (to maintain our own private bubble thereby allowing for actors to perform without face masks)
  • Reduced Intermission Times. Any intermission times will be shortened primarily to allow for stage adjustments and an opportunity for audience members to use restrooms efficiently (if needed).

We are also making requests of our audiences:

  • Waiver – it is important to note that if you come to a performance, your presence: 1. Indicates your are not ill; 2. Indicates that you have not been traveling outside the province; 3. Indicates you have not been in contact with someone with Covid; and 4. Indicates that you understand that your are attending a public performance and understand the risks therein (and will not hold our venue, our actors, nor Candlewick liable).
  • Leave contact information. Each person who orders tickets will take responsibility as the contact for your group. If there is any need to cancel or move a performance OR if there is need to connect with you should any Covid contact be made aware of after the fact, we have accurate information for each ticket group from which they can connect with their group.
  • Wearing Masks. At each of our venues, we ask our audiences to wear a mask into the venue and to your seat. Unless otherwise required, members of the audience can then remove their mask for the performance, but we do ask they wear them when not in their seats.
  • Interaction. We appreciate that the nature of Live Theatre is a social one. We do ask that our audiences please minimize contact, converse with physical distancing and/or masks, and possibly consider any further chatting outside the theatre.
  • We recognize that often after a performance friends and family like to stay to chat with performers. For current performances, we are asking the actors to remain in their own “performance bubble” and not interact with audience after a show. The goal is to stay healthy for performance as they create their own cohort group. We would encourage supporters to send off a congratulatory text or email… or better yet, give them a call to voice your support.
  • Finally, we recognize that during this time there are many opinions, views, and reactions on polar ends of the spectrum. We are not interested in politics nor demonstrations of any sort. Our performances are meant to focus on life, fun, and appreciation of art/performance. We do have guidelines which we need to respect in consideration of the Covid crisis and with governmental restrictions on multi-levels. Our focus will continue to be on being creative in this time of stress. We thank-you for understanding and supporting us.