Live Performance Reminders

We want to thank everyone for your patience and support over the last few years and are encouraged to return to live performances.

A reminder for everyone attending one of our performances:


When ordering tickets, the majority of our theatre events utilize Candlewick’s online ticketing system. The choice in utilizing the online system was to:

  • to allow our patrons more opportunity to choose their own seats and pay online
  • to help reduce human error and organize seating in an effective manner
  • to reduce pressure on Box Office volunteers
  • to leave active and pertinent information for contact or should tickets become lost
  • to allow our box office more flexibility/transportability as we perform in various theatres in southern Manitoba
  • to provide you the opportunity to print your ticket at home, send the tickets to your cellphone/device OR have the tickets reserved at the Box Office for your arrival

We recognize that complications do arise in the use of the online system and patrons are welcome to email us ([email protected]) or call the 24-hour box office (204-822-7469). We also remind patrons that when they use the system, all the tickets are kept on file so if you loose your ticket or if a sudden need arises to contact you, we have your tickets on file and your contact available to send messages.

We also recognize that some people do not have access to the online tickets, and we can still arrange reservations for you:

  • Email us with your desired performance and number of tickets and our Box Office volunteers will get back to you: [email protected]
  • Call the 24-hour Box Office Phone: 204-822-SHOW (204-822-7469)

Ticket/Reservation Protocols

We want to remind everyone to remember, when ordering your ticket, that tickets are non-refundable – unless we need to cancel a performance. Please note that due to a variety of experiences and reasons over the years we have had to establish this policy. That being said, if you are suddenly unable to attend a performance, we encourage you to either find someone to take your place, inquire about transferring your reservation to another night, or use your ticket/reservation as a gift certificate towards a future performance.

Box Office

As you may note, Candlewick works with youth and community groups across southern Manitoba. With that in mind, our “Box Office” then moves from location to location. So that for a particular performance we will set up our office in the foyer of the particular venue of our performance(s). So whether at the Kenmor Theatre, the Manitou Opera House, the Steinbach Bible College Theatre, or other locations, our office goes with us.

That being said, until the dates of performance, the office then becomes a virtual office and may be in transit with us. If you need to meet with a box office volunteer in-person prior to a performance, please contact us so we can set up an appointment.

Health and Safety

Recognizing that the health of our audience and actors is important, we generally follow guidelines as set forth by the Manitoba Public Health Department. This includes a number of protocols including, where applicable, reduced seating capacity, restricted access to performers and stage areas, and more.

We do take the health of all involved seriously and we ask patrons to also assist us in making wise decisions for themselves when choosing to attend a performance:

  • Unspoken Waiver – it is important to note that if you come to a performance, your presence: 1. Indicates your are not ill; 2. Indicates that you understand that your are attending a public performance and understand the risks therein.
  • Leave applicable contact information when you order. Each person who orders tickets will take responsibility as the contact for your group. If there is any need to cancel or move a performance OR if there is need to connect with you, we have accurate information for each ticket group through this person .
  • If there are special requests for seating, we encourage Patrons to contact the box office a few days prior to performance date when placing your order and our attendants will do what is possible for any particular requests.
  • Please note: we are not interested in politics nor demonstrations of any sort. Our performances are meant to focus on life, fun, and appreciation of art/performance. We appreciate you helping us to focus on the performance so as to give you and our performers the best experience we can. We thank-you for understanding and supporting us.