Candlewick Variety Show: Valentine’s Edition

Online Presentation

Candlewick is back at it with yet another Variety Show to warm the spirit these cold February days.

As of Sunday, February 14 at 6:30 pm, Candlewick again offers our patrons and guests an opportunity to enjoy a Candlewick Variety Show highlighting the talents of numerous artists from across southern-Manitoba . The presentation, hosted by Robyn Wiebe and Chuck Fefchak, features families and individuals who have taped themselves performing a variety of musical acts, dramatic pieces, dances, and more.

The following link premieres at 6:30 pm and will be available throughout the week for those interested in enjoying the Valentine’s Edition of the Candlewick Variety Show:

YouTube Link:

Each of the presentations have been filmed and forwarded to us for presentation with respect to our province’s current state. We truly want to thank all these individuals, as well as our editor (Bailey Zacharias) for all the work they are doing from home. Some pieces may have been filmed prior.

Guest artists include:

  • Corinne Girouard (musician)
  • Dakota Harms (musicisan)
  • Mikah Harms (musician)
  • Peter Hildebrand (storyteller)
  • Hailey Legary & Hailey Hunter (musicians)
  • Hailey Hunter (musician)
  • Alex & Kelly Klages (musicians)
  • Tristan Klassen (dancer)
  • Flo Lassnig & Jacqueline Loewen (comedy routine)
  • Julia & Amy Loewen (dancers)
  • Hosted by Robyn Wiebe & Chuck Fefchak

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful Valentines season.

We look forward to you joining us for future online presentations.

Any interest towards a St. Patrick’s Edition should be submitted to Richard or Bailey by February 8. Please connect with us in advance to let us know of your intention so we can prepare for it.

Richard J. Klassen (Executive Producer) on behalf of all our performers.

Performances Return

We want to thank everyone for your patience and support over the last few months and as we look to return to live performances in the next months. We thank everyone for their part in reducing the stress of the Covid situation by taking a few precautions and helping us to be responsible.

Once we begin again, we ask everyone to consider the following protocols to help us give the opportunity for live theatre as we transition into the future:

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Pride and Prejudice

Steinbach Bible College Theatre

Rehearsals are still underway!!! With the closure of the province in November only days before our original performances, the group continues to meet with regular Zoom rehearsals to prepare for an eventual performance either to “air” online by special arrangement or live performances. We continue to await for restrictions to lift and are prepared to present within a 2 week preparation timeline (pending restrictions and guidelines). We thank everyone for your patience and we will continue to prepare. Pre-purchased tickets continue to be on hold for our patrons.

  • Thursday, TBA
  • Friday, TBA
  • Saturday, TBA
  • Sunday, TBA
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