Kenmor Theatre

Kenmor Rentals

In the early 1950’s, Ernie Kendall built the Kenmor theatre as an “up-to-date” theatre intended for live performance. However, after Ernie’s passing, his son Ernest W. Kendall Jr. took over the venue and ran it as a film theatre. Local news articles claimed “Film entertainment for Mordenites is now found in one of the finest theatres in rural Manitoba.” The Kenmor was known throughout the 80’s and 90’s as the Morden Cinema, but it was after the turn of the century that it once again became a popular venue for live performances. With continuing renovations to continually improve the audience experience, the facility aims to provide an intimate and unique setting for the arts in Morden.

As the Kenmor is now a primary home to Candlewick, it hosts various theatre events throughout the year. The theatre is also the home base for DanceWorks – hosting both a dance studio in the upper studio, as well as a dance floor in front of the theatre auditorium stage. The dance program keeps the facility busy throughout the week, but leaving opportunity for rentals on weekend and summer months.

The theatre has also become a local venue for other concert, movie, and presentational events. With a seating capacity of 230 permanent seats and an option to put in an additional 65 moveable seats (chairs).

For those interested in renting the theatre, we ask that you contact us for opportunities and options.