Xplor Drama

Further giving the opportunity to youth and artists of all ages, Candlewick offers a series of theatre-related courses, workshops, and internships to hone the artist’s theatrical skills. Consider the following levels of opportunity:

Youth In Fine Arts

Youth have opportunity to take classes on acting, musical theatre, and basic stagecraft through theatre classes as offered through DanceWorks a division of Candlewick Production which focuses on providing classes in dance, theatre, and fitness. Students have the opportunity to develop acting, improvisation, and stage presence, along with basic practical experience with costumes, lighting, makeup, props, sound, sets, etc. All our Xplor Drama classes engage in theatre both in the classroom as well as with on-stage performance experience. Though we aim to grow individual talent, students also learn the value of the team, relating to other actors, and building confidence all within a safe, moral, and creative environment.

Students not only learn in class but also on stage with live performances.
For more information on classes offered in Manitou and Morden, see the DanceWorks Class descriptions and schedule.

School & Community Workshops

Interested in growing your theatre experience? Candlewick networks with artists from across our region providing opportunity to run workshops on theatrical topics. If interested in hosting a workshop in your school, community, or church, please contact us with your questions and desired intent. If we can’t provide a possible resource, we can direct you to other possible resources.

Candlewick has networked with a number of local schools providing in-school arts training both incidental as well as longer term programs as made possible with the Manitoba Arts Smarts program. Contact us for more information on both previous and potential programs.

College Theatre Classes

Candlewick’s Executive Producer, Richard J. Klassen, is also on staff at Steinbach Bible College as Contract Faculty teaching theatre. Students who study at the college have opportunity to study drama with a focus towards performance development. Present and previous courses taught at the college by Candlewick staff include:

  • Major Fall Production (offered every year)
  • New Creation – Touring Drama Troupe (offered every year)
  • Introduction to Theatre
  • Christianity & the Imagination
  • Theatre Internships

Check out Steinbach Bible College (www.sbcollege.ca) for further information.

Xplor Drama Internships

Ready to take the plunge? This is the ultimate opportunity to immerse yourself in theatre and the arts. Students have opportunity to work in a practical theatre setting.

Cooperative High-School Programs

High-school Students can work alongside Candlewick and DanceWorks staff focussing attention on certain skills in preparing for theatrical and dance performances. Credit is then earned through the Coop-Ed program as administrated through local school divisions. Candlewick has had several students from the Prairie Spirit School Division (Nellie McClung Collegiate) engaged in this program assisting with marketing, technical work, and direct either a single or series of theatre productions.

ArtsSmarts Elementary School Programs

Candlewick has partnered both with the Manitou Elementary School (full ArtsSmarts Theatre and Dance Program) as well as with other Elementary Schools across the province providing Theatre Workshops.

With the program at the Manitou Elementary School, Candlewick collaborated with the school to host 3 very successful programs integrating subject studies into theatre and dance presentation. Examples of this included “Manitou Chautauqua” (Social Studies), “Mathematically Dramatic” (Mathematics), and “Our Place in the Universe” (Science). Students spent time in learning about theatre/dance, contributing ideas towards original works, rehearsing, and presenting their work for a community performance.

College Field Ed Credits

College students can get involved with practical theatre experience and earn Field Ed Credits with their respective college programs. Previous Field Ed credits have been earned with Candlewick by students from:

  • Providence College, Otterburne, MB
  • Steinbach Bible College, Steinbach, MB

College Internship Programs

College students and adults may join with the Candlewick in an internship program where students are actively involved with theatre in a variety of community theatre settings. Pending the internship, some credits may be earned through Candlewick’s association with Steinbach Bible College. Students study acting, choreography, stagecraft, production, playwriting, and direction in a variety of formats (theatre and dance), putting their studies into practical use by active involvement in:

  • assisting with Youth in Fine Arts classes (instruction, direction, and production organization)
  • private study and active learning in various aspects of theatre
  • dance lessons in association with Candlewick’s dance division: DanceWorks
  • playing vital crew roles for Candlewick Players community theatre productions
  • acting in college, community, and/or Candlewick theatrical productions
  • assisting with the Outdoor Theatre Season at Oak Valley, La Riviere

Candlewick Internships are based on an individual’s personal interests and aspirations (i.e. students may focus on acting, technicals, stagecraft, ministry leadership in the arts, etc.). Internships may also vary in length and format. For the full program, students must study for a minimum of one year. Students may decide to live in the local area or decide to commute to be involved with the program.

For more information on the program, financial considerations, or scheduling, contact us.