Will Captain Mapple and a force of would-be super heroes save the world from nefarious super villians? Join our summer Triple Threat Performers as they present this new super hero musical at the Morden Corn & Apple Festival.

Performance Dates:

  • Saturday, August 24 – 1:30 PM
  • Saturday, August 24 – 3:30 PM

“The world is yet again in trouble as mastermind villians have taken action to
‘rule the world’ (at least the Corn & Apple), will a hero emerge to save the day?”

Performers spend rehearsal time collaborating, developing, and rehearsing this new musical specifically for the Corn & Apple Festival. A great opportunity for young performers to express themselves through musical theatre in conjunction with Morden’s Corn & Apple Festival.

Kenmor Theatre, Morden


General Admission:

  • Youth and Adults are admitted for free as a feature of the Corn & Apple Festival

Due to the popularity of the event we encourage patrons to come 1/2 hour prior to show time when the doors open. For more information contact Candlewick Box Office: 204-822-7469.

Crew Includes:

  • Producer/Director – Richard J. Klassen
  • Choreography Director – Tristan Klassen & Melanie Chaboyer
  • Vocal Director – Jenny Dyck
  • Costume Coordinators – Vanessa Klassen
  • Front of House Coordinator – Vanessa Klassen
  • Makeup Coordinators – Hailey Hunter
  • Properties – Ruth Barker, Jazmine Harder
  • Sets – Hailey Hunter
  • Stage Manager – Jazmine Harder
  • Technicals – Richard J. Klassen