Junior Xplor Drama


Kenmor Theatre, Morden

  • Friday, May 1
  • Saturday, May 2

‘”Would you believe that seven police boats are closing in on us right now?” asks Maxwell Smart of the head of KAOS who now holds him captive. When the master criminal finds this a little hard to accept, the straight-faced Smart asks, “Would you believe six?” With that question, this bright comedy-satire put an expression into the language. Smart is off on a bizarre new case in which he must stop the sinister organization known as KAOS from their most shameful plot! This is too much, and Smart springs—perhaps we should say stumbles—into action. Magnificently assisted by beautiful Agent 99, Smart proceeds from one gigantic blunder to another—each, however, somehow turning into a master stroke.’

Could Get Smart be the ultimate spoof of all secret agent thrillers? Come find out as our Junior High Xplor Drama Troupe presents a delightful and hilarious production of this hit TV series.

General Admission at the door

  • Adult: $10
  • Children (under 12): $5

For more information, call our Box Office – 204-822-7469.

“Get Smart” is produced by special permission by Dramatic Publishing Co. of Woodstock, IL.