Xplor Drama for Children


by Patrick Rainville Dorn & Jacob Dorn

Kenmor Theatre, Morden

Friday, April 17, 7 PM

A great children’s play for the whole family.

by Patrick Rainville Dorn and Jacob Dorn

Candlewick & DanceWorks’ continue their spring showcase of fantastic theatre with this children’s production with actors from grades 1-3 from around the region.

‘Everybody is kung fu fighting like cats and dogs in this hilarious, action-packed slapstick comedy.  Fur (and puns) fly when feisty kitten Princess escapes the clutches of the sinister, catnapping Ting Tang and his hysterical henchcats, then comes under the protection of a mongrel martial arts master and his clumsy canine companions.  With the help of the punchy pooches, and after a rousing “training montage,” Princess faces her fears and finds inner strength to defeat (and declaw) her adversary.’

Approximate run time: 30 minutes


General Admission at the door on the night of the performance: $5 Adult / $3 Children.

“Kung Fu Kitty” is presented by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service.