A Candlewick Christmas Carol

Candlewick Players Christmas Dinner Theatre 2019

The favorite Christmas story brought to life on stage through a celebration of food, fun, frivolity, and interactive drama. Open for bookings for Corporate and Private Group reservations:

  • Friday, November 29, 6:30 PM — The Oaks at Minnewasta, Morden
  • Saturday, November 30, 6:30 PM — The Oaks at Minnewasta, Morden
  • Sunday, December 1, 6:30 PM — The Oaks at Minnewasta, Morden
  • Friday, December 6, 6:30 PM — BOOKED
  • Saturday, December 7, 6:30 PM — The Oaks at Minnewasta, Morden
  • Sunday, December 8, 6:30 PM — Manitou Opera House

Scrooge!  Oh, what a tight-fisted hand at the grind- stone! A squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner!  Hard and sharp as flint, from which no steel had ever struck out generous fire; secret, and self-contained, and solitary as an oyster.  Nobody ever stopped him on the street.  No beggars implored him to bestow a trifle.  No children spoke to him.  Even seeing eye-dogs pulled their masters across the street when they saw him coming.

What did Scrooge care?  He liked it!  To edge his way along the crowded paths of life warning all others to keep their distance and cause all others to call him “nuts”.  Until, that is, this Christmas.

Scrooge is about to be visited by a host of zany characters whisking him away to visit his past, present, and future.  Sucking him from his selfish lonely existence inciting him to consider a change of heart before he faces an eternity of regret. It is a fun and lively retelling of Dicken’s classic filled with some local twists.


The Oaks (Nov 29-Dec 1 / Dec 6&7)

This Christmas, Candlewick Players are excited to join forces with The Oaks restaurant (Minnewasta Golf & Country Club) to present these evening Dinner Theatres with a full 3-course meal, fantastic drama, and interactive fun.

Candlewick and The Oaks are currently taking bookings for the evenings of Nov 29 – Dec 1, as well as Dec 6 & 7. All reservations can be made by contacting The Oaks Restaurant ([email protected]) through email or calling 204-822-1209. Due to the nature of the event, we are encouraging personal contact by phone or email (no online bookings).

Reservations for these evening will be $55 per person including taxes.

More information will be released concerning menu, etc.

Please note, reservations do go quickly and we advise to get tickets sooner than later to avoid missing a night you may wish.

Manitou Opera House (Dec 8)

Reservations are also being taken for the Manitou Opera House for Sunday, Dec 8. We are excited to be planning this single evening with a full 3-course meal in support of the Opera House and the Manitou Drop In

Reservations are $45 including GST for this evening. Please note there is limited seating. All reservations for this evening are arranged either by emailing us ([email protected]) or by calling 1-204-822-SHOW (7469).

More information will be released concerning menu, etc.

A CANDLEWICK CHRISTMAS CAROL is presented by special arrangement with The Wick’s Playwrighter’s Guild.