Candlewick Variety Show: Winter Edition

Online Presentation

Candlewick is back at it with yet another Variety Show to celebrate the Winter season.

As of Sunday, January 17 at 7:30 pm, Candlewick again offers our patrons and guests an opportunity to enjoy a Candlewick Variety Show: Winter Edition highlighting the talents of numerous artists from across southern-Manitoba . The presentation, hosted by Robyn Wiebe and Chuck Fefchak, features families and individuals who have taped themselves performing a variety of musical acts, dramatic pieces, and more.

Here is the link for the Winter Edition of the Candlewick Variety Show:

You are welcome to click and enjoy anytime after 6:30 pm and for the week to come. Enjoy the show.

Each of the presentations have been filmed and forwarded to us for presentation with respect to our province’s current state. We truly want to thank all these individuals, as well as our editor (Bailey Zacharias) for all the work they are doing from home. Some pieces have been filmed prior.

Guest artists include:

  • John Wiebe (musician)
  • Hailey Hunter & Tyler Johnson (a throwback to silent film)
  • Keeley Sheppard (musician)
  • Liam “Duke” Hamilton (actor)
  • April Talbot & Hailey Hunter (commercial)
  • Candlewick Players (a throw-back sketch)
  • John Wiebe (musician)
  • Hosted by Robyn Wiebe & Chuck Fefchak

Wishing you all a great winter season.

We look forward to you joining us for future online presentations.

Any submissions towards our Valentines Edition should be submitted to Richard or Bailey by February 8. Please connect with us in advance to let us know of your intention so we can prepare for it.

Richard J. Klassen (Executive Producer) on behalf of all our performers.