Candlewick Variety Show: St. Patrick’s Edition

Online Presentation

Join Candlewick as of Sunday, March 21 (6:30 PM) for our final Variety Show featuring volunteer artists across our region.

Those interested in viewing our latest Candlewick Variety Show: St. Patrick’s Edition, hosted by Robyn Wiebe and Chuck Fefchak, are welcome to visit our website on Sunday evening and click on the link to view. The last of our variety show’s for the season features musical acts, sketch comedy, storytelling, parodies, a music video, Irish dancing, and more.

Please proceed to the following link to enjoy the show as of 6:30 pm, Sunday, March 21 and thereafter.

Or click here for an embedded version

Or visit the Candlewick YouTube link –

Each of the presentations have been filmed and forwarded to us for presentation with respect to our province’s current restriction state. We truly want to thank all our performers, hosts, as well as our final editor (Bailey Zacharias) for all the work they are doing from home.

Our evening will include:

  • Anjulia St-Jean – Irish Dancer
  • Mikah Harms – Musician
  • Peter Hildebrand – Storyteller
  • Morgan Pitt – Irish Dancer
  • Hailey Hunter & Tyler Johnson – Music Video
  • The Shaven Apes – Comedy Sketch
  • Ally Fleming – Irish Dancer
  • Bailey Zacharias & Co – Band
  • Liam Hamilton – Parody/Sketch
  • Paige Sugden – Irish Dancer (Award Winner)
  • Alex Klages – Musician
  • Hosted by Robyn Wiebe & Chuck Fefchak

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful season.

Thank-you for being such great patrons and guests. We hope you can join us for future theatrical and online events.

Richard J. Klassen (Executive Producer) on behalf of all our performers.