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John: His Story Tour

Steinbach Bible College Theatre Troupe

New Creation presents the play based on the Gospel of John as a fundraiser event.

Collaborating with Steinbach Bible College, Belizean Camping Experience, The EMM Church Conference, and alumni from SBC who are currently residing in Belize, Candlewick is excited to network in creating this drama opportunity in Belize.

With a future potential to create a larger drama network/outreach in the country, the opportunity to bring the New Creation team to Belize to do workshops, youth events, theatre presentations and more is exciting. In the works for several years, this is a great opportunity not only to train college arts students, but also to work with the Belizeans to help them to develop their own drama experience/outreach.


Winter Performance Tour Schedule

  • Saturday, Jan 20, 7 PM, Cornerstone Church, Crystal City*
  • Sunday, Jan 21, 6 PM, Portage EMC*
  • Friday, Jan 26, 7 PM, Newton Church Youth
  • Saturday, Jan 27, 7 PM, Winkler EMM Church*
  • Friday, Feb 2, 7 PM, Altona EMM Church*
  • Saturday, Feb 3, 7 PM, Morden EMM Church*
  • Sunday, Feb 4, 7 PM, Ridgewood EMC*


If you are interested in attending a Dessert Theatre Performance*, we encourage you to send an email ( or call - 204-825-8406 to reserve free tickets so we can plan for your dessert. A free will offering will be taken up.

Stay tuned for more information from the Belizean tour being planned from February 23 to March 7, 2018


Check out Steinbach Bible College ( for further information on the college.