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A Hobbit's Tale

An Adventure in Middle Earth

Join DanceWorks as they present their annual Fall Family Classic this November with a new dance and theatre presentation based on the world of Tolkien. Featuring a cast of performers including young actors and dancers from the studio, we explore the world of Middle Earth.

The Shire is in the midst of celebrations when two groups of mysterious strangers arrive. The kidnapping of several of Samwise Gamgee's children starts an adventure which leads a band of Elves, Dwarves, and a Hobbit, all led by a Ranger and the daughters of Aragorn. As they travel north, the discover more of the creatures of Middle Earth, but will these creatures give aid or hamper their resolve to retrieve the children? Further to that, just why were the children taken? What nefarious plan do the Orcs have in place to once again reek havoc on the good peoples of Middle Earth. The production uniquely intigrates a variety of dance disciplines to help bring the story to life on stage.

The DanceWorks Fall Family Classic is a wonderful opportunity for our young performers to take to the stage and build upon their performance experience. We are excited to be able to bring the talents of our youth to the stage and to invite our community to join us in the experience. Proceeds of the performances also go to continued studio/theatre projects as we continue to refurbish our performance and rehearsal spaces.


Kenmor Theatre, Morden


Presented by DanceWorks Dance and Xplor Drama students:

Friday, November 16, 7 PM - Kenmor Theatre, Morden
Saturday, November 17, 3 PM - Kenmor Theatre, Morden
Saturday, November 17, 7 PM - Kenmor Theatre, Morden


Available through DanceWorks (reserve through 822-9981 or email or Pembina Hills Art Gallery.

Tickets become available as of Monday, Oct 22

  • Adults - $10 Advance / $13 Door
  • Children (12 & under) - $7 Advance / $10 Door

Drama Cast Includes:

  • TBA

DanceWorks Dances Includes:

    • Ballet (Age 7-8) with instructor Melanie Chaboyer
    • Contemporary 3 with instructor Jasmine Reimer
    • Hip Hop (Grade 5-6) with instructor Tristan Klassen
    • Jaz PreTeen with instructor Melanie Chaboyer
    • Celtic 5 with instructor Cathy Savage
    • Musical Theatre with instructors Ruth Barker and Erin Klassen
    • Hip Hop (Grade 7-8) with instructor Tristan Klassen
    • Stage Combat with instructor Richard J. Klassen
    • Contemporary PreTeen with instructor Tanya Schobert

    Crew Includes:

    • Producer/Director - Richard J. Klassen
    • Assistant Director - Ruth Barker
    • Production Assistant - Jazmine Harder
    • DanceWorks Instructors - Ruth Barker, Melanie Chaboyer, Erin Klassen, Tristan Klassen, Jasmine Reimer, Cathy Savage, Tanya Schobert
    • Costumes - Ruth Barker, Vanessa Klassen, Jazmine Harder
    • Front of House - Vanessa Klassen
    • Makeup - Erin Klassen, TBA
    • Playwrights - Richard J. Klassen, Ruth Barker
    • Stage Managers - TBA

    Produced by special arrangement with The Wick's Writer's Guild