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About Us


Candlewick exists to celebrate theatre and the arts through study and performance, aspiring to reflect and enrich the rural communities it serves with an integrity to Christian and moral family principles.


Consistent with its mission, Candlewick is committed to:

  • Cultivating an appreciation for dance, theatre, and music
  • Disciplining its students towards competent and successful demonstration
  • Providing a safe environment for students to explore and grow within each discipline
  • Deepening and expanding the audience's theatrical appreciation
  • Offer opportunities for youth and adults in dance, theatre, and music
  • Providing the creative and material conditions necessary for each artist to fulfill the potential of his or her talent


Quality and balance.

  • Quality reflected in:
    • the continual training and improvement of its instructors/leadership team
    • the training of its students
    • the development of its performances (including performers, directors and designers)
  • Balance evident in
    • the variety of artistic course offerings (DanceWorks)
    • the recognition between recreation and performance
    • the development of each individual student within a group setting
    • artistic development and careful stewardship of time and resources

Candlewick Players Production Committee:

  • Executive Producer/Director - Richard J. Klassen
  • Actor's Liason - Craig Blagden
  • Assistant Directors - Kenton Dyck / Chuck Fefchak
  • Associate Producer (Christmas Dinner Theatre) - Dave Hildebrandt
  • Production Assistants - Laura Greenfield / Rob Riddell
  • Administration/Costumes/Music - Vanessa Klassen
  • Costumes Technician - Ruth Barker
  • Dance Choreographer - Tanya Schobert
  • Music - Jennifer Nichol, Erin Klassen
  • Production - Alex Loewen
  • Production (South East Community Theatre) - Jeremy Plett
  • Production - Jason Dyck
  • Production (South East Community Theatre) - Kenton Dyck
  • Production - Bruce Fehr
  • The Wick's Playwright Guild - Richard J. Klassen, Rob Riddell, Chris Kitchen